What are licensed meets?

As a key component of the strategy to provide competition for all, the ASA has implemented a licensing system for competitions of different levels. Text taken from the “Competition for All” guidelines document on the ASA website. Level 1 Intended for National...

When can I compete?

Swimmers compete in our Club Galas from the age of 6 years, but Swim England only permits competition outside the club for swimmers who will be at least nine years old by 31st December in that year. Our nine year olds compete in the Micro-League team competition. For...

Which competitions should I enter?

You should always look to enter internal galas run by the club. If you have been competing in these and are 9 years of age you can look to enter an open meet event at level 3 or 4. Your coach can advise on this. If you have recorded ASA times you can look to qualify...

Which races should I enter?

Usually, swimmers under the age of 9 will start with 25m races. From age 9 your swimmers should be looking to compete in 50m races in each stroke and 100IM. This is followed by the 100 and 200m races and beyond but check with your coach for advice.

How many races should I enter?

All swimmers are different and react differently to competition. To start we would recommend up to 2 races per open meet session.