Good afternoon

I think this is the email that everyone has been waiting for!!
To remind everyone the sessions will be number limited but with a waiting list.
Horwich is limited to 30
Turton is limited to 16
To book more than one session at the same venue – click on the 1st session and proceed to the check out page. THEN click on ‘add another registration’ in the top right hand corner. Proceed to add the next session.
Payment for sessions will be online for Turton and at reception for Horwich.
Covid rules will still apply so arrive ready to swim and change on poolside. After the session you will change into dry clothes in the changing rooms.
One way system will apply onto poolside then through the changing rooms.
There are some temporary amendments to some of the sessions and unfortunately we are not allowed to have over 18s until 17th May!
Session times until 17th May
Monday C/B groups 19.30 – 20.20
Monday A/B groups 20.30 – 21.20
Friday C/B groups 19.30 – 20.20
Friday A/B groups 20.30 – 21.20
Saturday All Groups 14.00 – 14.50
Saturday All Groups 15.00 – 15.50
Wednesday C group 18.00 – 18.40
Wednesday A/ B groups 18.45 – 19.25
Thursday C/B groups 19.05 – 19.45
Thursday A/B groups 19.50 – 20.30
We are looking forward to seeing you all again.
Best wishes
Liz and Gareth – HLCASC