New Swimming groups

To see the list of names and which groups you are in. You will need the members password for this

Good afternoon
I have finally managed to go through the times from the assessments! However, I will apologise in advance for any errors.
I have already emailed some swimmers with their group but it was going to take me too long to get through everyone so I have created a document (attached). Please look at this BEFORE booking on any sessions.
A = Academy
D = Development
P = Performance
S = Squad / Masters
If you haven’t got a letter against your name please get in touch for advice on which session to book!
Some swimmers will be disappointed that they haven’t moved and it was very difficult not to move some swimmers because they have made tremendous progress. But I fully expect that in the new year when we look again at times and performances those swimmers will move.
There will also be families who now have to juggle different times. Please don’t book on a group you are not meant to be in!
New swimmers who have recently been for an assessment won’t be on the list but you will have been told which group to book.
I will keep an eye on registrations next week to see how the numbers work out.
I will do my best to answer queries as soon as possible.
Best wishes